Micro Image Capture 8

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    • Compact Design – The MIC7 and MIC8 are the most compact desktop digital microfilm systems on the market today. The fiche only models are 14″ deep by 10″ wide and about 8″ tall. Small enough to fit comfortably on your work desk and easy to pick up and store away when not needed. The Motorized Roll Film Carrier option adds about 8″ to the overall width of either system.
    • Light Weight –  The MIC7 and MIC8 are made primarily of anodized billet aluminum so the Microfiche models weigh about 16 Lbs. and the Motorized Roll Film models only add about 5 pounds.
    • Portable – The compact size and light weight of the Micro-Image Capture systems make them ideal for sharing between employees and departments and even remote on-site imaging.
    • Green, Low Power Usage Design – The MIC7 and MIC8 systems are unique in the industry because they do not use an external power supply! The microfiche models derive the power needed to energize both the illumination pad and the imaging head from the USB ports of the host PC or laptop. This means they can be used anywhere in the world, without the need for an external power supply. In fact the MIC7 and MIC8 use less then 1 watt of power when operating, an amazing technological feat that makes these scanners unlike any other in the world. (The motorized roll film carrier version does come with a small DC power supply)
    • Reliable – The more electro-mechanicals a system has; motors, gears, drive shafts, mirrors, sensors, optical switches, etc., the more likely there will be a system failure, its that simple. The Micro-Image Capture 7 & 8 capture images directly from the microfilm, not by way of bouncing the microfilm image off of mirrors like other systems. Other systems use a condenser lens and one or more mirrors to project the image to a sensor, these components are susceptible to dust accumulation which can require frequent service calls since the mirrors are inside of these units. Not so with the Micro-Image Capture systems, the sealed CMOS imager and lens look directly to the microfilm surface and capture the image without a light condenser lens and without mirrors, so its less likely that the image will be diminished in any way with this unique direct capture path.
    • High Definition Viewing and Capture – The Micro-Image Capture 7 has a high resolution CMOS sensor designed to view and capture images that were originally letter and legal size documents.  The new Micro-Image Capture 8 uses a Sony Exmor-R CMOS sensor that is a true 20 Mega Pixel Sensor (1″ sensor 5440×3648 2.4umx2.4um pixels) and ideal for viewing and capturing large format microfilm images on 35mm rolls and aperture cards. While other systems often quote high Mega Pixel specifications for their units, some use software interpolation to boost the advertised Mega Pixel rating of their system. Some systems that boast 14 to 26 Mega Pixels of resolution use image sensors that actually have as little as 6 or 7 Mega Pixels!
    • The Micro-Image Capture 8 Imager has a true High Definition Sony Exmor-R 20MP CMOS sensor! (1″ Sensor w/ 5440×3648 and 2.4×2.4um pixels)
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