Refurbished Fi-5530c2 A3 ADF Scanner

Fi-5530c2 A3 ADF Scanner




fi 5530c2 Features

Affordable large document scanner with a compact footprint (16″ wide by 11.9″ high) and true, 600-dpi resolution. Captures up to 50 pages per minute (landscape, 200 dpi) in color, monochrome and grayscale or 35/70 IPM in Portrait mode.

  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection ensures reliable scanning, even with mixed batches of documents
  • Scans up to 11×17 through ADF feeder
  • Hard Card (plastic) scanning capable
  • Includes PaperStream IP
  • 64 MB of onboard memory
  • 4,000 page per day Daily Duty Cycle
  • Enhance productivity with Fujitsu service and support
  • Scan a batch of various documents at one time
    In addition to the Blank Page detect, which removes blank pages from document image data, the fi-5530C2 has Automatic Paper Size Detection and page rotation functions which ensure that scans always come out the proper size and orientation. These functions make document sorting work before scanning unnecessary, so users can experience efficient, uninterrupted scanner operation.
  • Ultrasonic double-feed sensor that checks document feeds
    The fi-5530C2 uses an ultrasonic sensor that accurately detects feed errors which are triggered by documents composed of two or more layers. When a  double feed is detected, the scanner stops until the user clears the document. This powerful feature ensures reliable, stress-free scanning for the user.
  • Long Document Mode function
    The fi-5530C2 document scanner is capable of handling up to 8.5″x34″ document sizes when using the long document mode function.