The EyeCom Micro-Image Capture 7 and  EyeCom Micro-Image Capture 8 (or MIC-7 and MIC-8) use new digital image capture technology to provide full-size quality viewing, printing and digital capture of microfilmed images. The MIC7 and MIC8 come in fiche only (shown below), manual roll film and motorized roll film versions (top left photo). A simple user interface allows for real time adjustment of contrast, brightness, exposure and more. The software allows adjustments to image resolution, vertical and horizontal image flip, image reversal, rotate, mouse scroll to enlarge/reduce on screen image. Our multiple capture options allow for full screen capture, designated frame capture area selection by mouse drag and multiple capture of selected areas on the same image that combine automatically on one page for print, save or e-mail output functions.MicroImage Capture 7 The MIC8 was designed for applications that require an ultra high resolution like Aperture Cards and 35mm Roll Film and Jackets that contain large format images like newspaper, engineering drawings, schematics, blueprints and plot maps. The unit comes standard with a fiche carrier that holds Fiche, Jackets and aperture cards, USB 3.0 PCI-e Card, Foot-switch, View/Scan Software, PDF OCR Software, cables and installation/instruction guide.

Eye Com MIC-7 and MIC-8 Microfilm Scanner Advantages:

  • 7-54X magnification range for fiche, jackets & 16/ 35mm roll film
  • USB 3.0 for fast, real-time viewing for XP, Vista & W7, W8 platforms, 32 & 64 bit and MAC OS systems.
  • Scale images sent to printer
  • Simple keystroke or optional foot switch activation saves image as .tiff, .jpg, .pdf and / or sends image to your network printer.
  • Capture full screen, area select, drag select and multi area select

Eye Com Micro-Image Capture 7 & 8 Microfilm Scanner Specifications:
MIC-7 Resolution: 5 MP
MIC-8 Resolution: 18 MP
Magnifications: 7X-54X
Preview Speed: Live
Capture Speed: 1 second
Film Formats: Microfiche, jacket, aperture cards,16 mm/35 mm roll film
Connection: USB 3.0/2.0
Dimensions: 8”H x 14” W x 12”L
Weight: 10 lbs. fiche only / 24 lbs. motorized roll film carrier
Output Format: PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PSD, BMP, CAL, GIF, or CAL
Minimum PC Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 & 34b) OSx (Mac OS x), Linux
CPU equal to Intel Core2 2.8 GHz or Higher
Memory minimum is 2GB
USB Port > 3.0  (USB 3.0 PCI-e card included)
Display for 35mm engineering images on AP Card or 35mm Rolls > 27″ or larger
Display for 16mm legal or letter size originals on fiche, AP Card or  16mm Rolls > 20″ or larger

Rental package include:

Transports, installations, user training, spare parts, consumable parts, 4 hours onsite support for Klang Valley in Malaysia. Please contact us for latest pricing and others location in Malaysia.

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