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Why rent a scanner?
1. Preserve Your Cash Flow with lower start up capital *we provide flexible payment schedule eg. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly*
2. Flexibility : No contract required for our rental package, No limit number of pages scan per day,  included consumables Parts.
3. Tax Deductions * Rental is an expenses*
4. Zero Maintenance Cost *Included*
5. Zero Consumable parts cost *Included*

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  • Kodak Truper 3610 A3 ADF Scanner

    Kodak Truper 3610 Scanner

    The rotary-only Truper 3610 ejects documents on the same side users feed them, making it easy and efficient to operate. With its small footprint, the Truper 3610 fits easily on a desktop.

    This scanner offers nearly double the duty cycle of other scanners in its class at 15,000 scans per day. This unit features duplex scanning in full color, bitonal and grayscale for a range of small to mid-volume imaging applications. The Truper 3610 comes with Kofax VRS Professional

    Virtual Rescan Professional

    A Feature Bundle That Saves You A Bundle

    With VRS Professional, Trūper Series Scanners dramatically reduce document preparation time through many efficiency enhancing features. The combination of efficiency, high-quality images and a high duty cycle makes Trūper Scanners an obvious choice for today’s document management applications.

    With Auto Color Detect, Blank Page Deletion and Auto Orientation included with VRS Professional, you can reduce manual steps and operator intervention. These efficiencies can produce measurable savings and lower your total cost of scanning. The VRS application includes all the image processing tools required for the production scanning marketplace. The advanced functionality that VRS Pro provides includes:

    • Auto Orientation – Documents can be scanned in any orientation, reducing preparation requirements. The Auto-Orientation feature electronically rotates the image so that it can be read right side up by the scanner operator.
    • Auto Color Detect – Scanning color for color, bitonal for black and white. With Auto Color Detect, Truper eliminates the pre-sorting of batched documents and the inserting of patch codes and separator sheets previously needed to capture color content.
    • Blank Page Deletion – Eliminates blank pages when scanned in duplex. This feature reduces files size and storage requirements by detecting and deleting blank pages within a scanned image. In addition, it also reduces document preparation, as you can put both simplex and duplex documents in the same batch.

    Without exception, VRS Pro improves your workflow and reduces the total time needed to scan even the largest volumes of mixed batch documents. Taken together, the benefits of Truper’s VRS Pro bundle translate into real and measurable savings – fewer manual steps, reduced storage requirements and less operator intervention.

    Truper 3610 Scanner Features

    Auto Color Detect: no problem mixing color and black-and-white documents. With Auto Color Detect, Trūper Scanners automatically sense the difference between color and black-and-white as documents are scanned, and accurately capture the original images. Auto Color Detect allows you to eliminate sorting documents by color, saving you time and effort in document preparation

    Auto Orientation: no problem mixing landscape and portrait documents. Auto Orientation automatically displays scanned images “right side up” as they are normally read. Auto Orientation reduces document preparation, scanning interruptions and operator intervention.

    Blank Page Deletion: save file size and money. With Blank Page Deletion, TrūperScanners automatically detect and delete blank pages when scanning in duplex mode. Blank Page Deletion reduces scanned file size and document preparation.

    User-replaceable parts: reduce service calls. With easy-to-change and easy-to-clean parts, ongoing routine maintenance can be handled by scanner users. This reduces the need for service calls and allows you to boost scanning efficiency. Both Trūper models use the same consumable kits, which eliminates the need to stock multiple kits for multiple scanners.

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